What to Do When Something Goes Wrong During Heavy Equipment Transport

What to Do When Something Goes Wrong During Heavy Equipment Transport

What to Do When Something Goes Wrong During Heavy Equipment Transport

What to Do When Something Goes Wrong During Heavy Equipment Transport

There is an unfortunate reality about heavy equipment transport (and transport of any type of freight) that many transportation providers don’t like discussing.

Sometimes things go wrong.

Perhaps the driver arrives to deliver the freight at the wrong time. Or abhorrently, an accident occurs.

There are any number of things that could go wrong during heavy equipment transport.

And…well…here’s another unfortunate truth. There often isn’t much you can do about it when these things happen.

Certainly, depending on the issues that are arising, there are often some things you can do to mitigate loss. But the overarching theme here is that, once you’ve chosen a transportation provider — and particularly if you’ve chosen the wrong one, it’s often too late to “fix” anything once something goes wrong.

Here at Loadstar Transportation, we’ve had many clients come to us after experiencing unfortunate incidents with other providers. It happens more often than you might think. And it can be both terrifying and devastating for your business when things go wrong during transport of your freight.

Prevention is the best way to solve issues during heavy equipment transport.

Just like with your health, prevention is always the best medicine for heavy equipment transport issues.

But how can you prevent something happening during your transport?  There are two (2) main tasks we recommend to prevent things from going wrong while transporting your heavy equipment or other freight:

1. Choose the right heavy equipment transportation provider. This bears repeating, and you’ll hear us talk about it often here in the Loadstar Transportation blog: Choosing the right partner for your heavy equipment and other freight shipping needs is essential. A trustworthy partner will ensure all the small details and loose ends are covered to prevent many of the most common things that can and do go wrong while hauling freight.

And on the off chance things do go wrong, they’ll step up to the plate to handle things so that your stress is minimized. The difference between working with a trustworthy transportation provider versus a fly-by-night operation or someone who isn’t customer-and relationship-centric is striking. There are many opportunities to notice those differences, none more critical than when something goes wrong.

2. Put in your due diligence before transporting your heavy freight. While a reputable transportation provider will ensure s/he has all the details necessary to safely and efficiently haul your heavy equipment and other freight, there are some details you can prepare and have ready as you prepare for shipping. The smallest details can be of the utmost importance in these instances, including:

– All details up front. There is no such thing as too much information when shipping heavy equipment and other freight! Even going back and forth and adding more information can delay a permit significantly, and strain relationships with drivers hauling your freight. 


– Exactly where it is picking up and delivering to include contact phone numbers and contact names

– Hours of operation for pickup and dropoff of your freight

– Any special requirements

– Accurate dimensions weights  and number of pieces being transported

– Value of the commodity being transported

– Photos of your equipment

– Customs paperwork (if applicable)



When you partner with a heavy equipment transportation provider you can trust, you maximize value, quality and peace of mind.

There really is no substitute for the exemplary service and attention to detail you gain when you work with an experienced transportation partner. Here at Loadstar Transportation, we proudly focus on relationships. We care about your heavy equipment and other freight as much as you do! We go the extra mile to make your life easier and to make your business run more efficiently. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business.