How to Find a Heavy Equipment Transport Partner You Can Trust

How to Find a Heavy Equipment Transport Partner You Can Trust

How to Find a Heavy Equipment Transport Partner You Can Trust

How to Find a Heavy Equipment Transport Partner You Can Trust

Working with a transportation provider that you trust can make a profound difference on your experience when shipping heavy equipment (or any freight). The right transportation partner will ensure the process goes smoothly from start to finish, minimizing both your work, your stress and often, your costs and any risk to your company.

Finding the right heavy equipment transportation provider for YOU and your business.

While this post could be short and sweet by simply suggesting you partner with Loadstar Transportation (it would be easy for you, wouldn’t it?), it is absolutely prudent for you to take the right steps to find the right heavy equipment transportation provider for your business and its needs. Someone you can trust completely.

Choosing the right transportation partner for your heavy equipment means:

  • Peace of mind
  • Any cargo loss is covered
  • Required project timelines are met
  • Safe transport from professionally trained drivers with well maintained equipment (this equates to a professional display of your company on the road)

While searching for a transportation partner you can trust, it can be very easy to find and choose the wrong partner. Here is some advice to help you avoid choosing the wrong heavy equipment transportation partner:

  1. Taking the time to choose the right heavy equipment transportation provider NOW will save you a number of headaches down the road, including:

    • Late pickups and late deliveries. Not every transportation provider cares about the details. This includes timely pickups and deliveries. Late pickups and deliveries could cause manpower problems or crane charges for shippers or receivers. Maybe this means a missed delivery window,  maybe this causes a crew of people to be waiting around and delaying further work.
    • Potential for accidents. What happens if the company hauling your heavy equipment (or other freight) has an accident? Accidents are frightening for companies shipping heavy equipment and other freight for a variety of reasons. Is your freight properly insured (this is yet another detail a trustworthy transportation provider will ensure is handled properly)?  If an accident occurs and the cargo damaged is a complete loss, will you be able to recover? Would you as the shipper be exposed to other lawsuits in the event of an accident if the company you chose didn’t have proper operating authority?
    • Repetitive (and potentially unnecessary) communication. You likely chose a transportation partner so that you didn’t have to worry about the small details over and over again. A trustworthy heavy equipment transportation provider will worry about the details so your stress is minimized. Typically, a provider will ensure all necessary information is provided up front, rather than pester you throughout the process. Communication is kept to what is essential, maximizing your time and easing your potential headaches for the best possible result.
  1. Look not only for a heavy equipment transportation provider who IS trustworthy, but be wary of those who ARE NOT worthy of your trust.

Keep an eye out for these warning signs while you are vetting potential partners:

  • Have they been able to provide you with proper insurance and operating authorities?
  • Does the carrier have enough cargo insurance to cover the value of the freight?
  • Does the company have any references (a reputable heavy equipment transportation provider will not only have them, but will be happy to share them with you)?
  • Do they have any experience hauling the same or similar commodities?
  1. Pay attention to the right details when vetting potential heavy equipment (and other freight) transportation partners.

Following is some information you should request during initial conversations with any potential transportation provider:

  • Evidence of financial stability
  • Safety record
  • Insurance and authorities
  • Communication
  • Knowledge of commodity being transported

Reputable and trustworthy partners will have this information on hand, and will be happy to supply it in quick order. If a potential transportation provider begs the question, delays providing this information to you, or otherwise tries to circumvent your request, it is a major warning sign.

Hope is not lost if you choose the wrong heavy equipment transportation provider.

If you find yourself with a transport partner you can’t trust, it’s critical that you review your contract with them. Identify what your partner is contractually obligated to provide, and be prepared and willing to pursue legal action if necessary.

Then, as quickly as you can, seek out a trustworthy transportation provider. Depending on the situation, the right partner may be able to help with your current situation. At a minimum, he or she will be able to prevent and mitigate any potential issues down the road.

Loadstar Transportation can provide you with peace of mind.

Your heavy equipment (and other freight) and your business are important to us. Contact us now at 877-851-1539 or through our website to discuss your needs and learn how we can help.