Heavy Haul

Whether you need 100 trucks with 8 axle configurations or 40 trucks with 10-13 axle configurations, We are equipped to handle your customer’s freight.

We have extensive experience moving heavy haul & specialized transportation projects on behalf of a diverse customer base. We develop transportation solutions that take into account the optimal equipment, routing and available capacity. Our turnkey approach to heavy haul shipments provides customers with a safe, single source solution to each heavy haul shipment and project. We can also provide customers a single source for all transportation related projects. We can simplify the project planning process by working with the client to develop a standardized process to manage these events. Our experts can work with the customer months before the project moves to ensure capacity is scheduled and costs are controlled. We work with the customer and their suppliers to ensure shipment dates are on track and to align the necessary capacity. Throughout the entire process we provide personalized service that provides visibility to all stakeholders using industry leading software.

We have direct access to almost any type of heavy specialized and platform trailer.

  • Double Drops
  • Extendables
  • Multi-axles
  • Steerables
  • Beam Trailers
  • Perimeter Trailers
  • Blade Trailers
  • Flatbed & Stepdeck Stretch Trailers
  • Removable Goosenecks
  • Schnabel Trailers
  • 500 5-13 axle RGN units
  • Lowboys with 40-80 ton capability

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